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Special Community Events Planning Application

So that we may assist you in the planning process for a special event where the public is invited to attend, please complete this application when your event is more than one (1) month away. Based on the details of this application, permits and inspections may be required.
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Date(s) of event
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Hours of operation
Date site preparation will begin
Date/time of cleanup completion
Anticipated number of persons attending per day
Public Safety Coordination
All special community events should consider developing contingency plans for emergency situations that could arise. This is especially important for large-scale special community events with generally more than 10,000 participants or that involve potentially hazardous activities. The Office of Emergency Management reviews all special community event applications and if deemed appropriate may require coordination by event organizers with public safety agencies. If you have any questions please call 806-378-3004.
1. Will tents be used in conjunction with the event?
2. Will signage be used in conjunction with the event?
3. Will amplified sound (loudspeakers) and music be used in conjunction with the event?
4. Will temporary electrical service be provided to the site?
5. Will generators be used in conjunction with this event?
6. Are you having an event where citizens will engage in a protest, picket, street preaching, or other speech assembly?
7. Is this application regarding a carriage ride or animal-drawn vehicle permit?
8. Is this application for a permit to collect charitable donations from the median or side of the street?
9. Is this application regarding an event to film a movie or video within the City?
10. Is this application for a Block Party within a residential neighborhood? (Not an Organization)
11. Is this application for a Festival within downtown or a commercial zoned area?
Is this application for a street closure in front of or adjacent to a business or organization?
12.  Is this application for a Run, Walk, March or Parade?

13. Will a reservable City park be used in conjunction with this event?

14. Will food and/or beverages be provided?
15. Will alcoholic beverages be provided?
16. Will you provide fresh water connections on site?
17. How many portable restrooms will be provided?
Note: It is recommended that you consider providing restroom facilities as you plan for your Special Event.  Please consider at least 1 portable restroom and an additional portable restroom per every 100-150 people.  Also, consider supplying a portable handwashing station and at least one portable restroom with handicap accessibility.
18. Is a Fireworks, pyrotechnics and/or flame effects display, or outdoor burning proposed for this event?
19. Outline the security of the event:
20. Describe the arrangements for the solid waste disposal (trash disposal):

21. If the event will impact surrounding residents, notice must be sent to nearby property addresses at least two (2) weeks before the event date. Applicant must submit a copy of letter and addresses of residents notified.

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22. Proposed parking locations and number of spaces provided – It is the applicant’s responsibility to receive written permission for use of parking from property owners and to contact the Fire Marshall’s office about fire department access and fire lanes.

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Note: To ask questions regarding fire prevention/life safety, contact the Fire Marshal’s office at 806-378-4238.

To ask questions regarding traffic laws, contact the Amarillo Police Department at 806-378-6143.


23. Traffic control – It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the Traffic Engineering Department at 806-378-6297 to discuss traffic control issues. The applicant may be required to supply a traffic control plan for approval. The number of motor vehicles and traffic plan may require utilization of traffic control equipment and officers to direct traffic to reduce congestion.

Check to confirm that question 23 was read.

Note: To ask questions regarding blocking streets and parking regulations, contact the Traffic Engineering Department at 806-378-6297.


Disclaimer: I certify that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that falsifying information can be grounds for denial of this application.

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